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"Aythar’s stellar debut on Carpe Sonum represents one of the more obvious distillations of the late Pete Namlook’s ambient space music mantras. With its expansive, irising synths and vast waves of interstellar sequences yawning out into the void, Astronautica recalls nothing less than many numerous classic 70s sides of Tangerine Dream, Klaus Schulze, Neuronium, et al., yet the preening atmospheres, fraught with both palpable tension and a sense of wonder, sound fresh and consistently inviting. Such pedigree means that contemporary space music artists have quite a large stylistic well to draw from, simultaneously aware of the rich heritage of sounds behind them while being mindful to avoid the kind of hackneyed clichés that tend to run rampant in the field. Aythar has no such problem. Though the pads and multitudinous sequencer tools have familiar rings to them, the artist’s obvious love for, and fascination with, his machine-made fantasias demonstrate a passion for the kinds of twinkling deep-space noises that synth aficionados have embraced for decades.

Nowhere are the above ideas more evident than during the two-part, twenty-minute suite comprising “Alien Worlds”, where Aythar’s silicon ooze, curling, shifting, and creeping along a colorful firmament of delightfully obtuse electronic textures, indeed conjures images of the kinds of environments dreamed up in the literary works of writers such as Clifford Simak, Isaac Asimov, and Ray Bradbury. Aythar has a keen understanding of how to manipulate the sound field as well: where the first part of “Alien Worlds” sets up the biosphere itself, the second chapter populates that planet with intelligent fauna and inimical flora, the sounds made by civilizations completely unlike our own. Later tracks such as “Mystical Clouds” and “Reactor”, with their endlessly swirling pulsations and ghostly patinas, bring those civilizations to quivering, fervent life, all thanks to Aythar’s command of his machine age voodoo." 



Carpe Sonum begins a new page in its history with a talented new electronic artist that pays homage to those who have gone where no man has gone before, both in the field of space travel and in electronic music. Astronautica is an ambient masterpiece that you could swear was an undiscovered gem from the golden years of 90's electronica, taking us back to when when both the future of sound and space lay infinite before us. Rich with the most nostagic of sounds, Aythar's fantastic synth and sequences seem to make this as much about time travel as it is space travel, transporting us to the days when Pete Namlook's own signature brand of interstellar musical explorations changed how we heard electronic ambient music.

Tracks: 1. Astronautica (Space Version) (8:46) 2. Mystical Clouds (10:14) 3. Alien Worlds Part 1 (9:17) 4. Alien Worlds Part 2 (11:14) 5. Reactor (11:44) 6. Space in My Heart (6:38) 7. Moon Landing (10:06) 8. Astronautica (Deep-Tech Remix) (8:55)

The ultimate ambient love letter to the great space pioneers.

℗ + © 2016 Carpe Sonum Records  



While creating my music I try to act as a cosmic channel the energy flows through me and manifests itself in my creations. I believe that my cosmic sounds carry the resonance of the Universe and the whispering of the distant stars.



The God Particle was made in the spirit of magic number 7. This is the 7th album and celebrates 7 years in the world of ambient music by Aythar. After so many years, the desire for challenges and experimentation was still stimulated in preparing this new album. In offering this album not only for the fans of this music genre, but also for the ones, who just started to get to know it. The God Particle is for anyone who let themselves be carried away by the notes to an inner journey... Into a world, where you can go deep into your thoughts and feelings. Where you can find calmness and peace. A new relation with ourselves.



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