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 "Aythar released his debut CD Astronautica on Carpe Sonum in March 2016 and was critically acclaimed by the ambient community as one of the best releases this year."


Aythar - Astronautica

A very beautiful space ambient release that will enchant you. Highly relaxing, clear and deep sounds, it reminds a lot of the emblematic label Fax +49-69/450464, which leaves nothing else to say.


The best albums 2016: from 1 to 33 (;

14. Aythar "Dream Of Stars" (... txt)

Hungarian Karoly Tamas (Tamas Karoly) is one of the main discoveries of the year in electronics. He has been releasing samizdat albums for a long time, but this year he managed to get among the best and, put it mildly, is not lost. "Dream Of Stars" - is a compilation of the best tracks of the above-mentioned samizdat heritage. In short, Aythar sounds like everything that is good in space-electronics. Parallels can be drawn with Jarre and Tangerine Dream, and ambient of the mid 90s ranging from Spacetime Continuum to James Bernard. And most importantly, the point is not only  in beautiful sound design: tunes and melodies are worked out to the smallest detail.

4. Aythar "Astronautica" (Carpe Sonum)

Tamas, whose another album is already on this list, debuts at ambient label Carpe Sonum, which is considered the legal successor of the legendary Frankfurt Fax + 49-69 / 450464. Like his publisher, Tamas is a staunch classicist. His record produces a great variety of associations, but they are all complementary - The Berlin School of electronic music of its classic period (about the mid 70s), chill-out music released by Rising High Label, and about all the classic Fax ranging from Tetsu Inoue to Air, Silence and Dark Side of The Moog. If you like the Ambiet of the 90s with pulsating bass, powerful sound of analog strings, slowly appearing synthesized chords and ringing arpeggio, then this album will not disappoint you for sure.


"Aythar is an Electronic Music composer from Budapest, Hungary and one of the more obvious distillations of the late Pete Namlook’s ambient space music mantras. With its expansive, irising synths and vast waves of interstellar sequences yawning out into the void, Aythar's modern, at the same time, nostalgic sound recalls many numerous classic 70s sides of Tangerine Dream, Steve Roach, Pete Namlook and Klaus Schulze. A marvel in Berlin ambient that sits with the very best in electronic ambient music." - Databloem

"Continue releasing tunes and I'll continue to support! Your music has helped me to find peace during some stressful times. Thank you for sharing your art!"

"Your music reminds me of classic "space music" from the early 80's by Steve Roach and Michael Stearns and I mean that as a high compliment. Thank you for your art!"

"You are one of my favorite artists. That's why I'm spreading the word as much as possible!"

 "I'm also really enjoying the new EP. A an ambient journey that takes me back to the days of Namlook's Fax label. Excellent stuff!"




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